Thank you for visiting my online home. I would love to work together. My deepest desire is to gather with conscious educators, entrepreneurs, artists and activists and journey together into self and collective inquiry, opening possibilities for personal transformation, community development and social justice.


for women who are ready to come home to their souls and sacred bodies

As a student and scholar, I was deeply conditioned to operate from a masculine paradigm of performance and production. In order to salvage my sanity over the years, I danced. I allowed my soul its full feminine expression through movement, my native language. I did not know this was my soul medicine; I just knew I was compelled to move my body through space to the rhythm of the drum. As my mentor, and founder of the 5Rhythms movement meditation practice, said: “If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself.”

Eventually, these parallel processes of scholarship and movement merged like spiraling DNA. I learned the transformative power of body wisdom. Science started articulating what ancient traditions have always known: the body is wise. Our souls speak to us through the flesh. Our traumas are mapped onto our bodies. Our skin, bones and cells hold the sacred stories of our experiences.

My desire is for women to know our souls, integrating intellectual knowledge with experiential, felt gnosis. During our time together, I will listen to your story as it navigates itself through your body. Together we will ask: What is your body revealing to you? What is the cartography of your pain and desires, fears and hopes? How can we root your compass in your body wisdom? As I listen, I will offer notes from modern psychology as well as ancient spiritual traditions to support the journey of your yogic edge.

“You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.”
– Mary Oliver

How We Will Work Together
Together we will uncover the emerging map of your soul, the one written on your flesh during 4 hour-long sessions, over 8 weeks time. Bringing my 20-year experience with movement arts practices plus sociopolitical and psychoemotional scholarship, together we will reclaim and restore the beauty and power of your feminine essence.

Session 1: listening to your embodied story

Session 2: mapping your emotions onto your body

Session 3: connecting to the creative well of your sacred, sexual source

Session 4: integrating body wisdom into daily living

Your commitment is $800. If you feel called to this embodiment journey, please email me at to schedule our first session and set up a payment plan. I look forward to connecting with you for this sacred exploration.

“The sacred space you create is a soulful invitation for us women to dive safely into the depths our soul and to rise up with our hearts open as we bring forth our excavated gems of knowing and truth. With deep reverence and gratitude, i thank you for ushering us women into this new millennium of embracing the sacred marriage within as we learn interwine the very soul and heart of divine feminine and masculine.”
– Carmen Jacaj

“You have such a solid understanding of your subject matter, and I’m not just talking about your wealth of knowledge. You have a deeper connection with what you share so that the sessions were never about hiding behind intellectualizing the material. I was moved and changed, by what I felt and could connect with and not just the data I learned. You also created such a safe haven in which to share both joy and grief and to dance.”
– Susan Stroemel Graham

“I am truly learning what it means to “let go” and as you let go with your body, you are able to let go/surrender your mind. When you are in your fullness, you are able to truly create. I’ve incorporated dance into my sacred prayer time which has led to a deep mind, body, spirit connection. When we connect, I experience your enthusiasm for your work, your depth of knowledge, your devotion to sisterhood and a sweet heart. I am enthralled when we talk.”
– Shelly Modes