As an educator, I offer the following classes and workshops:

PAR EntreMundos
On the principles and practices of participatory action research within a Latinx educational context, particularly grounded in a Southern tradition, feminist theory, and indigenous wisdom (offered by the PAR EntreMundos Collective via the Graduate Center at CUNY).

Emotional Wisdom in Learning and Leadership
On the science of emotions and its impact on learning and leadership, introducing insights from neuroscience, psychology and education (grounded in the Applied Emotional Mastery methodology) and offering practical strategies for enhancing learning experiences and/or organizational culture.

Creativity in Learning and Leadership
On lessons from a decade of research with El Puente on the impact of the arts, creative process and social justice in learning and leadership contexts, introducing principles and practices to incorporate into educational and organizational settings.

Collaboration in Learning and Leadership 
On the process of collaborative inquiry, offering insights on the philosophy and methodology of participatory action research in learning and leadership (that is, why doing things together matters and how doing them together is transformative).

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