As a researcher, my PAR scholarship centers on connection, creativity, and change in learning and leadership contexts, using a participatory action research process with educators and entrepreneurs, activists and artists for the sake of personal transformation, community development and social justice.

This collaborative work with groups and organizations of conscious educators, entrepreneurs, activists and artists focuses on participatory action research. Together we conduct research on their teams, programs and organizations, including co-creating research design, implementation (data collection and analyses), and reporting (via written documents, theatre productions, and/or (in)formal presentations).

We first ask a question: What do we want to learn in this inquiry process about ourselves, our principles, practices and world?
Then, as part of the PAR process, together we learn, teach, share, heal and co-create, integrating science, art, spirituality and activism.
We connect, reflect, activate and express.
We question, interrogate, inquire.
We open, listen and allow.
We invite conscious, compassionate, curious and creative action.

Our collective work comes alive through exploration and expression of:
• participatory action research (including critical race and feminist theory)
• developmental, women’s, somatic and positive psychology
• the arts and creative processes
• ancient wisdom traditions
• social justice and conscious activism