Current Projects

El Puente’s Camino
El Puente is an organization dedicated to inspiring and nurturing leadership for peace and justice. For 35 years, its Leadership Centers and two innovative, public schools have offered programs to young people, their families and community in Brooklyn, NY for the sake of self-determination and social justice. This El Camino project is the articulation of the principles, pedagogy and practices of their educational pathway, integrating the voices and experiences of generations of El Puente members.

Leaders for a more Hopeful World
We (Jen Lemen, Marques Anderson and I) embarked on a journey to listen to and learn from the embodied stories of seasoned travelers on the path to a more hopeful world. We gathered stories from 20 leaders: activists, artists, educators and entrepreneurs, 12 women and 8 men with diverse demographics across race/ethnicity, culture and country, economics and ecologies. People born and/or raised in the United States (from African, Caribbean, Latinx, Indian, Asian and Anglo-European descent). People born and raised in India, Brazil, Nepal, Mexico and the UK. World citizens who have lived in multiple countries. People born into middle class and working class families. People raised with traditional religions and ancient spiritualities. People identified as heterosexual and LGBTQ. All people with open hearts, soulful devotion to people and planet, and love as compass for transformation.

We asked them two essential questions:
If you imagined your dream world, what would it ideally look and feel like?
And how are you living into the dream?

Past Projects
A few past projects have included research on:

• a leadership training program with Applied Emotional Mastery

• a transformational youth leadership initiative with the Public Science Project and El Puente

• inquiry on a learning approach rooted in the arts and social justice with El Puente, El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice and Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños, Hunter College

• the impact of Planned Parenthood’s Source Theatre program with the Graduate Center at CUNY

• a public mural art project with the Light of Human Kindness and Hopeful World